Canoe Invitational Tournament, Two Bronze Medalists from TKK College

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The Cross-strait Canoe Invitational Tournament was held by Tongan Sports Federation and Xiamen Sailing Boat and Yacht Sport Association on April 21. And TKK College got two bronze medals in the men’s and women’s 2000m relay races.

Two teams from Taiwan universities and five from Xiamen and Zhangzhou universities participated in the invitational tournament. And TKK College’s new team of canoe also took part in the invitational tournament with a few days training. But they were full of indomitable perseverance and morale, and they won the bronzes in the men’s and women’s 2000m relay races. The players said after the race: “It’s fantastic to win the medals; it’s precious to us because it is the result of our team spirit. We will exercise harder and strive for the further success and we will participate in the canoe sprint next year.”

The cross-strait universities also attended the dinner party. At the party, each university put on a performance, and our college student Lin Ligen sang an English song to everyone. Every student took each other’s shoulders and performed the “rabbit dance” together. They all felt happy there and the activity has deepened their friendship.




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