Student Club Cultural Festival

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On the night of December 20, 2012, the closing ceremony of the Student Club Cultural Festival was held in the Lecture Hall. Zuchan Yao, the dean of the Student Affairs Department and Feng Liu, the adviser of the Club Cooperative attended the Chinese-style party.

A popular song began this party. The Puppet Club from Zhangzhou Normal College broadened spectators’ horizons, and reached the climax of the party. The Nan Qiang Drama Club brought a charming show which put the spectators into a good mood. Mixed instrumental performances and Cantonese songs displayed local characteristics. The Kong Fu show gained deafening applause, and many other shows made people enjoy the rich Chinese culture. Weifeng Chen, a student from the Faculty of Electromechanics, said that this closing ceremony was a soul feast more than a visual feast.

Some individuals and clubs were cited for brilliant achievements in this party.

This Club Cultural Festival consisted of “College Movie Exhibits”, “Speech of Economic”, “IME Photographic Match” and so on. During this festival, every club tried to show their characteristics, to let students know them better, in order to encourage students to join them. And the clubs also build their own brands and enhance their cooperation.




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