First “Managers Challenge Contest” Came to a Close with Many Competitors Getting Internships

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May 17, the first “Managers Challenge Contest” came to a close in the Main Building 3. Cheng Huang won the championship, Jing Yuan won the People's Choice Award, and Yujie Huang won the best potential award. A number of competitors got the company's internship opportunities through the competition.

“Managers Challenge Contest' was organized by the School of Management. The game was divided into 5 cycles, including auditions, preliminaries, semi-finals and finals. The contest lasted a month with two competition instructors from School of Management, Xianyue Sun and Shuang Fan. Managers from 8 companies were invited as guests at finals, including Bei Lei Chu Hua Network Technology Company, Suoli Shoes, Merchants Hotel, Huisman, etc. Finals were divided into 3 parts, such as face to face time with the manager, a brief self-introduction, and on-site solution offering. Participants could win internship opportunities through their performance.

Cheng Huang, the champion, said: 'Success depends on accumulation and we should be responsible for our life.' Jiacheng Zhao got second place in the game based on rich work experience, including newspapers selling, flyers passing out, and webmaster and salesman.

Jing Yuan, who likes swimming in winter, won third place in the game. She also got the highest popularity award and was rewarded an internship from Suoli company.

It is worth mentioning that when not satisfied with his answer to teacher Xianyue Sun’s questions, Chenyu Li bravely asked the guests to propose another question. Eventually, both Merchants Hotel and Bei Lei Chu Hua Network Technology Company offered internship opportunities to him. Other students also got internship offer, such as Jian Chen, Machuan Ma and Ying Lin through the contest.




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