Violin Concert Held in Tan Kah Kee College

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'The violin performance tonight beautified my mood.' On May 30th, after hearing the violin appreciation concert played by associate professor Zhao Chun from the academy of art of Xiamen University, a student Lin from school of management said.

Associate professor Zhao Chun introduced the history of violin and the role of it in the symphony orchestra, he and his students they played the classical works of Mozart, Schubert and other famous composers .And they cooperated with soprano Yu Ge, and played the song 'my dear father’’.Their performances caused a big round of applause.

A 7 year-old girl Dong Jiani, came onto the stage in the interactive session,played 'the Final Rose of Summer' with one of graduates of Xiamen University. The little girl won the applause for her bravery.

Associate professor Zhao Chun hoped that more people can be attracted by this elegant art. He said:”Violin is the most humanized instrument. It can touch people’s heart, leaving a deep impression of true feelings.” It is said that our college will open a public elective course of violin next year.

President Wang Ruifang and deputy secretary of the Party committee Zhang Bihua also presented the concert and appreciated the charm of the violin.




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