TKK Student's E-commerce Antenna

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“An antenna design from one of our students has passed the review by the State Intellectual Property Office and received a patent.” Mr. Lin from the Department of Information Science and Technology shared this good news with his students at the commencement of this semester.

According to Mr. Lin, the antenna that won the patent was called “Radio Frequency Identification System for Multi Frequency Fractal Folded Dipole Antenna.” The antenna was designed by the following students: Zhang Xun, QiaoDanyang, Lin Qingwei, Lin Ting, Liu Yuwei, Huang Wenting, Zhan Hong together with full-time teachers Lin Bin and Fang Jiansheng.  On June 24th, the antenna has officially passed the review by the State Intellectual Property Office.

Compared with any antennas available in the market, the antenna has several distinguishing features including low return loss, large working bandwidth, good omnidirectional characteristic, etc. Most importantly, the antenna is compressible, which enables it to fold within limited space in order to be installed in e-commerce devices or cards. In spite of its value in e-commerce logistics to solve tracking problems, the antenna can also be used in various fields such as retailing, anti-counterfeiting, books, and aviation. Its low cost and the feasibility of mass or industrial production provide a good market prospect.

Additionally, Zhang Xun and his fellow classmates won the outstanding award in the Fujian Challenge Cup Contest this year with their invention.

Writer: TKK Media Center, Sept. 5th 2013

Translated by 林博斯




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