Robbert Stevens: Coming to China is a Great Adventure for Me

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Before the new term began, two international students from Netherlands had come to TKK. It has been nearly three months since they landed. Recently, an interview was given to Robbert- one of the exchange students.

Robbert tastes Chinese noodles in the first week he came to China.

TKK---A new hometown for Robbert

Robbert came to China in September. He said he thought it would be a great adventure When it comes to Chinese culture, Robbert said Awesome was the only word that can be used to describe the profound culture and express his respect to it.

Robbert said he was rather impressed by his first visit to TKK. When he first arrived here, he was really shocked because the campus looks like a beautiful picture. He noted, “I like China and TKK, TKK is my new hometown.””

During the National Day holiday, Robbert (right) and Jasper (left) climbed the Great Wall when they were visiting Beijing.

TKK students are really friendly

During the interview, I asked Robbert whathe thinks about the surroundings in our campus. He said that all of his daily routine was scheduled by the fellow members of International Office. Therefore he has made friends with some ofthe Chinese students and they are easy-going, nice and friendly. He later added that the academic atmosphere here is quite good because many students read in the open early in the morning every day.

Robbert before the Bird Nest

Daily life and learning experience

Robbert said he has gradually adapted to the life and study in TKK and that he has slowly fallen in love with everything in here.Being a computer science major, Robbert selected a network company as his internship venue. He has learned a lot while

working as a web developer at the company. He also remarked that his internship experience gave him a deeper understanding of responsibility.

Robbert flying a kite

Finally, he recalledthe good time when a student club’s new member recruitment event was held. In order to help attract new members for English Speaking Association, he dressed up in traditional apparel, which drew quite a few attention.

Robbert in traditional clothing




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