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Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College


With the approval of the Ministry of Education, Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee Collegehereafter referred as TKKCwas established jointly by Xiamen University and Xiamen Tan Kah Kee Educational Development Co. in 2003. The board committee is a composition of Xiamen University and Xiamen University TKKC entrusted members. In May 2003, shortly after the Ministry of Education of China officially issued the approval document, TKKC began the enrollment. As an independent college, TKKC enjoys the status of a legal entity, has its own campus and manages its finance independently.It has been established to meet the demand to transform Chinese structure of higher education, explore a new educational model, to bring into full play the conglomeration and radiation effects of Xiamen University that ranks 11 in China and 83 among Asia Universities, and to expedite cultivation of practical talents with diversified skills in different fields to meet the urgent demand of the society.


TKKC offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs and runs under a new mechanism for talent cultivation. Located in Investment Promotion Bureau of Zhangzhou Development Zone, it has 9 schools, 5 independent departments, 3 public teaching departments, 1 experimental teaching and industrial training center,1 innovation and entrepreneurship incubation center, 1 higher education reform research center, 23 administrative departments. Besides, there are 51 programs and 81 professional directions offered to students. The updated number of students is around 19000 in 2018.In 2014, the Joint degree of postgraduate programs with Xiamen University enrolledthe first batch24 pioneer Master’s Degree students in 9 programs. Until 2017, a total of 17 programs have enrolled 94 Master Degree students.


Since its inception, TKKC has been pursuing a bold and innovative approach to course design, teaching methods, and undergraduate curricula. To reach first-class among private universities nationwide at the strength of effective teaching, and to be recognized internationally among undergraduate universities, a modern pattern and a new criterion of educational administration system have been adopted to meet the requirements of contemporary economic globalization and information technology. Students are allowed more freedom to select courses to meet their own schedules and educational goals.


From 2011 to 2017, TKKC ranks No.1 among all Chinese independent colleges in the value list of Tencent Educational Industry. In December 2017, the result of Top 300 National Universities Assessment Results(undergraduate) 20122016 published by the China Higher Education Association shows that TKKC ranks No.1 among the 270 Independent Colleges nationwide, and No.180 among more than 2800 Chinese universities. In April 2018, TKKC was successfully awarded the “Most Internationally Influential Independent CollegeofChina 2017-2018”, which is granted by Chinese Educationist Conference and Focus on China Education Festival.


TKKC will continue to strengthen quality-oriented education, ability education and elite education, emphasize cultivating students’ ability to apply their major knowledge and their foreign-language and computer skills to achieve the goal of “Wide Vision, Solid Foundation, Focus on Ability, and Pursuit of Individuality”, and bring up students accomplished in one specialty while also skillful in other fields. It will continue to exceed international collaboration with traditional and new cooperated universities at up-to-date rhythm.





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