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  • On 27th March, Cardiff University delegation came to our college. Professor Kent Matthews, Associae Dean  for  Engagement  and External Relations of Business School, had a meeting with ZHU Zhiqiang, the Vice-Dean of Business School and GUO Jie, the director of International Office.

    At the meeting,Cardiff University and TKK College discussed the Business School programs and summer school collaboration.What’s more,they had further discussions about the course mapping between the two schools.They all wished to promote the cooperation through establishing close connections.

    It is reported that Cardiff University is one of the oldest members of the Russell Group of leadingBritish research universities,and is also one of the founding universities.Besides,it is ranked top10 in the academic research.The Business School is the largest college in Cardiff University, which is world-famous for logistics, HRM and MBA

    Author: 刘惠张静洁   Editor: 苏海森 TKK Media Center

    Translated by 阮怡婧

    Proofread by 周一涵

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